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Lockdown Prayers

The Archbishops have issued a call to prayer at 6PM each day during lock down. You can find the prayer for the day below and our Virtual Prayer Room here.

Schools and Colleges, Children and Young People

We pray for all those involved in the shaping of young lives.

We give God thanks for the sacrifice and commitment of teachers and all those involved with the serving if children and young people in education.

We pray that all might be nurtured and cared for and that every needful resource would be made available – that lives can flourish even in these difficult times and that no-one would be overlooked.

Loving God,
your Son Jesus Christ came that we might have life and have it abundantly;
pour out your blessing upon our nation;
where there is illness,
bring your healing touch;
where there is fear,
strengthen us with the knowledge of your presence;
where there is uncertainty,
build us up in faith;
where there is dishonesty,
lead us into truth;
where there is discord,
may we know the harmony of your love;
this we ask in Jesus’ name.

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Online Service for Christ Church and St George’s

Virtual Prayer Room

Credit: (C) Jay Berryman
(C) Marian Langford 2020
Art by Marian Langford local artist and member of St George’s.

Welcome from Simon

Welcome to the webpages for Christ Church and St Georges, two sister churches in the Great Chesham Parish. For the past 150 years we have been offering Christian worship, community and support for the districts of Waterside and Tylers Hill. Our buildings are currently closed because of the covid-19 restrictions, but our life together is thriving online. We invite you to join us for online Sunday worship services, shared with St John’s Ashley Green – the links are given above. We are also running learning groups, prayer gatherings and social ‘get togethers’ via the Zoom platform, and details are available in our weekly news.

Our parish is following carefully the advice of the Diocese of Oxford based on the Church of England’s guidelines, and when we are confident it is safe to re-open our buildings for some form of private prayer or worship, we will post details on this page.

If you are self-isolating because you are in one of the vulnerable categories or you have been quarantined because of the illness and need some practical assistance, we can help: please contact me. Likewise, if you are in need of a listening ear or spiritual support, via a phone or video call, we are happy to help – don’t hesitate to be in touch.

May God’s grace, peace and courage be with us all at this time


The Revd Simon Winn, Interim Team Vicar  



December 2020

Prayer Requests

Pilgrims and visitors traditionally light candles in churches and cathedrals for those that they want prayer for.

If you have a confidential prayer request please send it to us using the form below. Please indicate if you would prefer your request not to be shared for prayer with the wider staff team or church. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by email via

We will not respond unless you request it, or, share your data.