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A Word from Darren

Welcome to the website for Christ Church Waterside and St George’s Tylers Hill. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Here is a little something about the handsome and ever-so-funny person to the left. My name if you haven’t guessed it yet is Darren, I am a husband, father of 5 and into Star wars, comics and RPG games. I have not always been in faith, I was in my early thirties when I started my spiritual journey.

What excites me is that I have experienced how God has transformed my life, and I have seen God do the same with others and with communities. This is one of the reasons I felt called to Chesham. Both Christ Church and St Georges all believe in a God who hears His people’s prayers, He remembers His people and knows them and he cares for His people and responds to their prayers. We together with the other five Churches of the Great Chesham Parish believe in revealing our God of hope and transformation to communities that need Him and His Gospel of Hope. We too listen to the cries of the community and listen through Prayer to God as we discern how to respond to the need that brings about transformation and hope.

Between the two churches and the wider parish, we have a lot of mission, outreach and services to help meet the needs of those we are called to serve. So please look around the website and contact me or the parish office if you have any questions or you need support. I look forward to meeting you all and catching up hopefully during one of our warm and friendly services on a Sunday, or at least over a coffee, black no sugar and cake!

Peace and Joy

Rev’d Darren Dalton

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