Work in Progress

3R: Matthew

Hello Traveller!

I am typing this on 5 November 2020 – fireworks night – and the day England enters its second lockdown, due to Covid-19, for the next 28 days. During each of these days I plan to:

  • Read one chapter of Matthew’s gospel
  • Repeat the reading from the day before (looking at it in more depth)
  • Review the chapter and all that has gone before – to see how it fits the bigger picture.

You are welcome to join in with me, either in real time, or catching up at a later date. At launch these posts commenced without much fanfare or advertising. The idea being to welcome those who find it to journey alongside us and ask similar questions.

I work for the church and have a degree in Divinity but this blog is open to all. It is written primarily for sixteen to forty-somethings (I am in the latter camp myself) who may not ever have considered entering into a church. As a small disclaimer: these posts do not claim, or promise, to have the right answer straight away. They are a work-in-progress and a learning journey – we might have to double back several times before we finally find the right way.

But for now let’s begin by reading Matthew chapter 1 and come back tomorrow to look at it more.