Rabbit’s Advent Adventure

Rabbit left home this morning knowing that he had a lot to do.

They had so much to find and buy. Such a lot to do and not enough time before Christmas to do it.

He knew that he would have to be back in time for Tots next week to meet the children.

But that wasn’t it.

Maybe it was more rabbit food?

Perhaps, but no.

Possibly some presents, some gift for everyone.

Maybe …

All rabbit could remember was that he must be ready for the 24th. Everything had to be ready for the 24th of December.

If you look below you can see rabbit locking the door and heading out on his adventure.

But not before in the last photo Rabbit remembered to start their advent calendar for the year. It was December the first after all!

The stable was already set up, but so far there was only one animal in it. Can you see what it is?

Locking Up
Heading Out
Day One
Advent Calendar – Day One (Close Up)

Last year our advent calendar looked very different. You can see a copy of ‘Day One’ below.

Last Years Advent Calendar: Day 1

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