Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 2

Rabbit knew he had to remember the route back home. So they kept track of the street signs they passed.

Rabbit also knew that some of the children from Tots lived nearby. Rabbit was looking forward to seeing them on Monday.

Can you help Rabbit out by remembering where they are in the photo below? Rabbit knows they are not far from home so it should be fairly easy today. But it might get harder as they get further from home…


Rabbit still had a nagging feeling that they were forgetting something. But what was it? Right now they wanted carrots. But Rabbit was sure that wasn’t what they were actually looking for.

Carrots were very tasty though and Rabbit thought they must remember to find some whilst out.

Will Rabbit remember what they are looking for or be distracted by the thought of yummy carrots?

Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow.

Remembering the Route …
Is that a playground in the distance?
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