Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 3

Rabbit was getting tired. They had been hunting high and low for three days now. They hadn’t even found any of their burroughs so they could tunnel under the ground. Tunneling meant you could travel much faster.

Just as Rabbit was about to take a well earned nap they saw a sign. You can see it in the picture below. Rabbit thought: I can get a bicycle to travel around.

Do you know where rabbit is now? It’s somewhere in Chesham – Rabbits home town. If your young maybe an adult can help you guess. Rabbit take photos so that he can find his way home. Can you help them remember where they are?

Answers tomorrow …

While resting Rabbit thought he’d complete the next part of his advent calendar. Can you spot what the change is too?

Where in Chesham is rabbit? Can you guess?
Advent Calendar – Day 3
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