Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 6

Tots! Rabbit only just made it back home in time for Tots!

Rabbit had been so caught up with their reading yesterday that they almost didn’t make it in time. Yesterday Rabbit had found themselves at Chapter Two Bookshop and had a very good chinwag with the staff.

Outside the store

The problem with a good chat thought Rabbit, was that it made you very sleepy and in need of a rest. A little sleep wouldn’t hurt, would it?

But a short nap led to a longer sleep … and a longer sleep led to – well you know … and the next mornig Rabbit awoke knowing they had to get back home quickly.

As Rabbit raced back finding their way, they rushed passed many things, including the bell in the picture below. Can you tell where it is in case Rabbit needs to find their way back there again? Its somewhere in Chesham.

Advent Calendar – Day 6
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