Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 8

Rabbit was thirsty.

But where was a thirsty Rabbit going to find a tasty drink?

Everywhere seemed to be selling fizzy drinks (which just made Rabbit hiccup) and Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s.

Then, at last, just as they were getting to thirsty to go on. They saw the perfect thing …

Carror Juice!!!

Can you work out where Rabbit is today? They’ll probably want to visit this shop again!

Yesterday Rabbit was admiring the stitched bollards near the clock tower.

These knitted things could be good for a rabbit to sleep in …

Rabbit full of carrot juice sat back and thought about their day. There was still so much to do and they were sure they were forgetting something. Perhaps though that could wait and there was time for a little more carrot juice first …

Advent Calendar – Day 8
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