Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 15

Rabbit had been back at home with their Christmas tree – and what is more had their new red jumper on. The one that they had made.

Getting the decorations just right

Rabbit wanted to make sure that the baubels were just right for Christmas day and the nativity service that was coming up soon.

They could spend the whole day sorting, moving, twisting, hooking and sorting (had they said that already) decorations. It was fun – and Rabbit thought needed to be just right.

But they had to get out and going once more. Perhaps Rabbit needed to find one of their tunnels so they could go further away. Can you spot Rabbit’s location as they head out today?

Christmas is coming fast now and Rabbit only has a limited amount of time left.

Off Again
Advent Calendar – Day 15
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 15

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