Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 18

Could you tell where Rabbit was yesterday? They had headed to the Elgiva for part of Panto Day.

Rabbit wanted to see the pantomime

Today Rabbit was up very early in the morning and knew exactly where they wanted to be. They needed a very particular thing and knew that this place would have what they wanted.

Well really they wanted carrots for breakfast, but that would have to wait till after.

Oh no – too early!

It was not until Rabbit arrived that they realised that they had made a mistake. They had wanted to get ahead for the day and left really early in the morning.

But the place that they went to did not open until 10 o’clock in the morning. They were just going to have to wait. Maybe Rabbit will have time to go and find some carrots in the mean time. Perhaps you will be going to the same place as Rabbit today too.

Advent Calendar – Day 18

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