Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 20

Rabbit had been drinking their Carrot Spiced Latte in the aptly named Roots Cafe.

Rabbit felt very Christmassey. Especially as they had their new Christmas jumper. It was big, red and very comfy. Finally they felt like they were almost ready.

It was about then that Rabbit had their idea. It was a really good idea. Especially for them – and for once one that didn’t involve carrots.

They knew somedbody who would be visiting the town centre that day and if they went to see them. They would be able to help them remember the, the, the, … Well what it was they were forgetting.

If you look closely at the photograph below maybe you can work out who they are. Who do you think Rabbit is visiting?

Rabbit out with their friend
Advent Calendar – Day 20

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