Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 23

It was the day before Christmas Eve and Rabbit had not had time to use their own tunnel system. They usually burrowed under the ground and popped up again wherever they needed to be.

Instead they had used a different type of underground, the London Underground. Chesham, where Rabbit lives (and you probably do to) was the farthest point away from the city that the trains served.

Chesham Station

Because Rabbit was good at tunnelling – as were the drivers on the London Underground – Rabbit and the Railway staff got on well. So much that you won’t often seen Rabbit riding on the railway, because Rabbit almost always rides up front with the driver in the cabin.

Below you can see a picture of what Rabbit often sees when going down a tunnel in the network. The picture was taken whilst sitting right next to the driver.

Passing another train
Rabbits view out the drivers window
The light has changed – It’s okay to go

Whilst heading around London rabbit managed to get everything that they needed for Christmas. They were all done. They had remembered everything. They were finished.

So why did it feel like they were still forgetting something?

Rabbit was ready for a rest and knew that everything was found they could go for a sit down and perhaps some carrot juice. Perhaps as it was nearly Christmas Rabbit would treat them selves to some Spicy Carrot Juice at one of their favourite places.

Where is Rabbit heading today?

Rabbit’s Spicy Carrot Juice Recipe

Makes Four

1/2 lime (small)
1 sprig cilantro
1/2 teaspoon mild curry powder
1/2 teaspoon hot curry powder
177 milliliters carrot juice
2 tablespoons milk (1.5% fat)
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