Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 24

Rabbit was done. Or, so they thought as they were finishing their drink at the local pub just a short hop from home.

The last destination …
… and now off back home.

Just as Rabbit was about to go through the doors and back into the church, Rabbit’s home, they remembered. They had people coming around tomorrow. It would be Christmas Eve after all.

Tommorow they would be getting to see everyone again for the Nativity and that was what they were forgetting! Not that they had to go out somewhere, but that they had to stay in …

Rabbit raced around getting everything ready remembering that the time they spent at Tots was some of the happiest of their week. Perhaps, you too have somewhere to go that makes you really happy?

Rabbit thought that making people happy at Christmas was one of the best things that you can do … and that one of the other things that made Rabbit really happy, was well, carrots.

Perhaps one day, Rabbit thought, you will be able to share a carrot with them too. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Rabbit
Advent Calendar – Day 24
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