We at St. George’s are concerned about what we are doing to God’s creation. Humanity was placed to look after and maintain God’s perfect world, and we have to look around us today to see that we have not done a great job of it. The legacy that we are leaving for generations to come does not look promising.

We have partnered with A Rocha UK to become an eco-church, as we continue to reflect upon how we do not only church but how we do life in a way that promotes good practises to be good stewards of the gift we have been entrusted to look after.

What is Eco Church?

Eco Church is A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches in England and Wales who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth. A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world, both as a response to the biblical mandate to care for the earth and as a demonstration of the Christian hope for God’s world. Part of the worldwide family of A Rocha organisations committed to conservation action as an expression of Christian mission, we work collaboratively with others who share our passion for the planet and its people, and our desire for their mutual flourishing. A Rocha UK shares the same five core values as all the other national A Rocha organisations around the world:


Underlying all we do is our biblical faith in the living God, who made the world, loves it and entrusts it to the care of human society.


We carry out research for the conservation and restoration of the natural world and run environmental education programmes for people of all ages.


Through our commitment to God, each other and the wider creation, we aim to develop good relationships both within the A Rocha family and in our local communities.


We draw on the insights and skills of people from diverse cultures, both locally and around the world.


We work in partnership with a wide variety of organisations and individuals who share our concerns for a sustainable world.

Our harvest festival which is on the 8th of October 11:15 am -12 pm will be dedicated to Eco-Church so if you have any questions please get in contact email… or

pop into church to find out more, or click on this link to go to their website.