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Let’s Celebrate November!

The colours in creation surrounding us in our gardens and countryside are amazing. Truly something to be giving thanks to God for – still here even during these lockdown days.

We’d like to make a gallery of photos that we can all share together. If you’d like to send in a photo using the links above, we will add it to the gallery.

Please supply us with additional details such as your name, where the photo was taken and any other information that you think might be of interest. (Please also let us know if you would prefer your image to be anonymous.)

Unfortunately we can not guarantee that all images will be used, but look forward to seeing your pictures.

PS: We are also looking to create a section full of photographs and other art created by local youth. If any of your family and friends have an image please send that in too. (Including parental contact details if you wish us to include their names.)

Dan and Gillian

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