How to Hear God

God is speaking. He does not give up on calling out to us. Do we know His voice?

Our series of talks in the services before Palm Sunday will concentrate on how
we recognise the voice of Jesus amidst the hubbub of noise created by the world around us.

February 12th Exodus 33: 7-11; Luke 24:13-35 Hearing God’s Word in Jesus
In Luke 24 Jesus communicates conversationally (v17ff), through Scripture (v27), through the breaking of bread (v.30), and applies the Word individually and inwardly v32). We introduce the subject ‘Hearing God’ by realising that Jesus is God’s Word. He leads us to the Bible which returns us to himself.

February 19th 2 Tim 3:10-17; John 5:31-47 Hearing Gods Word in the Bible
The Bible is the language of God’s heart, it reveals who He is and His story with humanity.

February 26th Isaiah 55:1-13; Luke 10: 25-37 Hearing God’s Word in Prayer
We must listen to the author of all things as he knows all, no mysteries are unknown to Him. Listening to God in prayer is more important than speaking. We consider the prayerful reading of the Bible.

March 5th Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 4: 1-26 Hearing God’s Word in Prophecy
What is the purpose of prophecy today? Primarily it is to build, equip, encourage, engage and evangelise to other people and the church.

March 12th 1 Kings 19: 1-13; Matthew 11: 25-30 Hearing God’s Whisper
God’s voice often comes to us as a gentle whisper. Why might this be and how?

March 19th Acts 2:14-18; Matthew 2: 7-23 Hearing God’s Whisper in Dreams and
the Unconscious God speaks in many ways to connect with His people. How can we separate out God’s voice from the other voices crowding into our minds?

March 26th Psalm 19; John 1: 1-14 Hearing God’s Word in Community, Creation
and Culture God can speak through the natural world or the wider community, for he has made them, but nature is fallen, and the enemy is at work in the world. We need Scripture and the gift of ‘distinguishing between spirits’ so we do not conform to the world, but, transformed by God, we know his will for us.

April 16th Matthew 22:36-40; John 14:21-27 The Word, the Whisper and the Way
We round up our series on ‘Hearing God.’ By listening to Jesus and following him the early church transformed the 1st-century world. What could the world look like today if all Christians said ‘yes’ to Jesus and obeyed his Word?