Life Groups

What goes on at a Life Group meeting?

Though every group may differ slightly in how they do things, many groups enjoy a time of fellowship to start with, then transition to a time when they share in Bible study and pray for each other. Each group can decide how much time they will spend on fellowship, sharing, Bible study, and prayer.

Group time is focused on intentional training to push each other toward Jesus. Typically, group time will involve most or all of the following elements:

  • Catching up on life: Checking in with each other.
  • Discussing Scripture: Discussing a passage from the Bible. How we may apply it to our lives and bring the message of hope to others.
  • Engaging the heart: Being honest about our struggles, and suffering. Praying for one another and speaking truths about Jesus to one another.

Every time the group meets, they spend time connecting by building relationships, growing through a discussion-led Bible study, and making an impact by supporting each other through prayer and service. As a result, the group members experience growth, belonging, and care. Life Groups create an opportunity for you to pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth.

We meet every fortnight which allows us the time to meet with a friend or a family member to prepare for the next time we meet. 

Please do try it out it is not as terrifying as it may sound and if the times do not suit you please have a word and we might be able to form another group.
We meet at the moment on Wednesdays at St John’s in Ashley green from 10 am until 11.30 am and then on zoom which the link can be found on the newsletters from 7:30 pm until 9 pm. 

We find using COMA; as a way of reading scripture helpful.
Context, Observation, Meaning, and Application

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