Real Lives Mission

Real Lives Chesham – 12-18 October 2020

Our interviewer for Real Lives, Roger Carswell is a popular Christian speaker and writer who regularly crosses the UK speaking at universities and churches.

First Broadcast: 12/10/20

Debbie Flood is a double Olympic Rowing Medalist (and also a triple gold medal winner in 3 World Championships).

Hear her share how her faith has pushed her to perform “faster, higher, stronger”, helped her deal with success and disappointment, elation and heartbreak, and provided a firm foundation for her identity and life.

First Broadcast: 14/10/20

Piyush Jani is a leading surgeon specialising in head and neck cancers. Originally from Kenya, he didn’t attend school until he came to England as a teenager.

Hear about Piyush’s upbringing in a Hindu family, and how his life changed when he discovered Jesus was real and for everyone.

First Broadcast: 16/10/20

After the murder of his father at the hands of the IRA, Billy McCurrie wanted revenge. Joining a loyalist paramilitary group (UVF) as a teenager, at 17 he killed a man and was sentenced to life in the infamous Maze prison. He admits he entered the Maze a bitter man with no remorse, but had a life-changing experience in prison that enabled him
to walk away from his past.

Hear Billy’s gripping story of transformation and redemption.

First Broadcast: 18/10/20

Yvonne Edwards lived life to the limit, balancing a successful career with an alcohol and drug- fuelled private life. Seemingly to have it all, her life was spiralling down into chronic addiction and suicidal thoughts.

Hear how Yvonne found peace and meaning – not through rehab in the Priory, but through an unexpected encounter that brought healing and lasting change.

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