Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 23

It was the day before Christmas Eve and Rabbit had not had time to use their own tunnel system. They usually burrowed under the ground and popped up again wherever they needed to be.

Instead they had used a different type of underground, the London Underground. Chesham, where Rabbit lives (and you probably do to) was the farthest point away from the city that the trains served.

Chesham Station

Because Rabbit was good at tunnelling – as were the drivers on the London Underground – Rabbit and the Railway staff got on well. So much that you won’t often seen Rabbit riding on the railway, because Rabbit almost always rides up front with the driver in the cabin.

Below you can see a picture of what Rabbit often sees when going down a tunnel in the network. The picture was taken whilst sitting right next to the driver.

Passing another train
Rabbits view out the drivers window
The light has changed – It’s okay to go

Whilst heading around London rabbit managed to get everything that they needed for Christmas. They were all done. They had remembered everything. They were finished.

So why did it feel like they were still forgetting something?

Rabbit was ready for a rest and knew that everything was found they could go for a sit down and perhaps some carrot juice. Perhaps as it was nearly Christmas Rabbit would treat them selves to some Spicy Carrot Juice at one of their favourite places.

Where is Rabbit heading today?

Rabbit’s Spicy Carrot Juice Recipe

Makes Four

1/2 lime (small)
1 sprig cilantro
1/2 teaspoon mild curry powder
1/2 teaspoon hot curry powder
177 milliliters carrot juice
2 tablespoons milk (1.5% fat)
Advent Calendar – Day 23
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar – Day 23


Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 22

After meeting Santa, Rabbit had a renewed focus they knew what they had to get ready.

But they had one more journey to make first and a rabbit tunnel wasn’t quite going to work.

Can you work out which type of tunnel they were going to use this time?

Where too now?

Rabbit now only had two more days of adventures to go and then it would be Christmas day. Rabbit was beginning to feel ready? Are you? … and will Rabbit get everything done in time?

Find out tomorrow in the penultimate installment of: Rabbit’s Advent Adventure.

Advent Calendar – Day 22
Flashback: Chirst Church Advent Calendar – Day 22

Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 21

Rabbit had met up with Santa. They spent time together on his sleigh and Santa reminded Rabbit of all the things that they had to do to get ready for Christmas.

Is Rabbit being allowed to steer the sleigh?
Time to catch up
Rabbit and Santa
About to fly off

As Rabbit had so much to do Santa offered to fly him home. Rabbit knew what they had to do now and in the few remaining days leading up to Christmas they thought that they could just (about) get ready in time.

Below you can see Rabbit putting together one of their presents. Who do you think it is for?

Rabbit gets Wrapping!
Advent Calendar: Day 21
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 21

Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 20

Rabbit had been drinking their Carrot Spiced Latte in the aptly named Roots Cafe.

Rabbit felt very Christmassey. Especially as they had their new Christmas jumper. It was big, red and very comfy. Finally they felt like they were almost ready.

It was about then that Rabbit had their idea. It was a really good idea. Especially for them – and for once one that didn’t involve carrots.

They knew somedbody who would be visiting the town centre that day and if they went to see them. They would be able to help them remember the, the, the, … Well what it was they were forgetting.

If you look closely at the photograph below maybe you can work out who they are. Who do you think Rabbit is visiting?

Rabbit out with their friend
Advent Calendar – Day 20

Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 20


Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 19

Rabbit had arrived at the Library far too early. They had been looking, among other things, for a recipe book for Christmas Carrots.

Definitiely too early!

After all the waiting Rabbit decided they definitely needed a drink and sometime to think about what to do next. It was now only a week till Christmas after all.

Over their drink they began to have the faintest memories of what they were trying to remember. They thought that it had something to do with where they were going on Sunday.

Today we can see them sipping on their Carrot Spiced Latte as they think about what to do next. Do you think that Rabbit will get everything done in time and be ready for Chrismas? We will just have to wait and see.

Rabbit takes a Pit Stop
Advent Calendar – Day 19
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 19

Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 18

Could you tell where Rabbit was yesterday? They had headed to the Elgiva for part of Panto Day.

Rabbit wanted to see the pantomime

Today Rabbit was up very early in the morning and knew exactly where they wanted to be. They needed a very particular thing and knew that this place would have what they wanted.

Well really they wanted carrots for breakfast, but that would have to wait till after.

Oh no – too early!

It was not until Rabbit arrived that they realised that they had made a mistake. They had wanted to get ahead for the day and left really early in the morning.

But the place that they went to did not open until 10 o’clock in the morning. They were just going to have to wait. Maybe Rabbit will have time to go and find some carrots in the mean time. Perhaps you will be going to the same place as Rabbit today too.

Advent Calendar – Day 18

Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 18


Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 17

Rabbit was out and about even though it was dark and hopped through the high street on to their next destination.

Berkley Store

Rabbit headed up and down the high street trying to remember what they needed. Then suddenly and idea!

They turned off the high street and went beyond, too …

Can you tell where it is? Rabbit thinks that it might be one of the hardest to work out so far. However, they might need a hand in getting the button to work.

Where is Rabbit and what are they opening?
Advent Calendar – Day 17
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 17

Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 16

Rabbit was off again …

Where too now?

There was so much that needed to be done …

But still rabbit had the nagging feeling that there was one thing that they were forgetting …

… and it wasn’t carrots.

Well maybe not this time.

Rabbit remembered that it was about something happening very soon. But what was it?

Rabbit thought the best thing to do was scurry back to the town and see if they could work it out and hopped out of a nearby tunnel they had made. But where exactly are they?

Rabbit’s out late tonight – but where?
Advent Calendar – Day 16
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 16


Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 15

Rabbit had been back at home with their Christmas tree – and what is more had their new red jumper on. The one that they had made.

Getting the decorations just right

Rabbit wanted to make sure that the baubels were just right for Christmas day and the nativity service that was coming up soon.

They could spend the whole day sorting, moving, twisting, hooking and sorting (had they said that already) decorations. It was fun – and Rabbit thought needed to be just right.

But they had to get out and going once more. Perhaps Rabbit needed to find one of their tunnels so they could go further away. Can you spot Rabbit’s location as they head out today?

Christmas is coming fast now and Rabbit only has a limited amount of time left.

Off Again
Advent Calendar – Day 15
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 15

Rabbit’s Advent Adventure 14

Rabbit had been out shopping for his Christmas tree and whilst there – at Christmas Tree Farm – saw the elves in there log cabin.

The Elves

They Rabbit thought, looked just like them. Very, very, busy. Rabbit thought of all the things they still had to do to be ready for Christmas and also all the things they had done.

One thought about yesterday stuck out particularly in his mind. You can see it below.

This Ones a Bit Crafty …
Advent Calendar – Day 14
Flashback: Christ Church Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 14